August 13, 2008

Loving Tori & Deans new home

I am a self professed Tori & Dean fan. The last few episodes, I've been watching them remodel and was excited to see the end result last night.

I absolutely love how romantic this room is. I also love the blue on the walls and am thinking that is in the future for our master bedroom.

The armoire is gorgeous and really gives it that modern/vintage/romantic feel.

So, some people may think this is over the top. But I LOVE it! Just so girly and sweet!
...well, maybe the curtains are a biiiit much.

I love modern kitchens with dark wood and stainless. Our old fridge broke 2 weeks ago, and it was a great excuse to upgrade to stainless (looks a lot like this one actually)

I designed some starfish bachelorette invitations last month using red and aqua. I absolutely love that color combo!

{confession... I read sTori Telling in one day. If it makes any difference ,I'm a very fast reader... :) }