Hey there! I'm Michele and I am the proud owner of
my sweet online wedding invitation boutique. I get to work with the most amazing couples every single day and feel so lucky and honored to wake up and get to do something I love every day. My absolute favorite parts are designing, getting the sweetest emails when clients get their orders, and of course getting to see client wedding photos!

gel pens  \\\   diet coke  \\\   fall   \\\    to do lists   \\\  funny cocktail napkins  \\\  stinky cheese 
ballet flats  \\\   yellow costume jewelry   \\\   wine with girlfriends   \\\   romantic comedies   \\\   chic lit
glossy magazines   \\\   wearing scarves   \\\   the smell of fresh cut grass   \\\   summer drinks at the pool
traveling   \\\   learning anything new   \\\   a clean home   \\\   beautiful ribbon

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