September 24, 2018

Art Deco Wedding Invitations in Black and Gold

In honor of monogram Monday, I'll leave you with this fabulous eye candy.
Metallic gold + black... a double sided satin ribbon belly band! 
And how about the fun little "black tie" icon! {yaaaaaas!}

Want to see it in person? We offer samples of all our suites:

September 14, 2018

Business Logo Stamps

You’ve got an awesome logo and you want it on everything, right? Our stamps are the perfect answer. You can stamp your shopping bags, note cards, gift tags, etc. 
It's the perfect gift for a new business owner too!
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September 13, 2018

Gold and Black Wedding Invitations - Thermography

Simple yet stunning - Elise and Roberts gold and black wedding invitations are one of my favorites from this year. I love how the metallic gold and black look together and I also love the extra large calligraphy for their names and headers. Printed on thick white linen stock with thermography printing, this suite has a super luxurious feel.

September 11, 2018

Books I'm Loving - My Reading List

I am such a book person that I actually get sad if I am not in the middle of a good book. Nothing like curling up at night with a great story!  But I like my books pretty light hearted... chick lit & light suspense is all I can handle :) 
Here are some of the books I've enjoyed lately incase you are in need of some good reads...

All We Ever Wanted - Emily Griffin
Emily Griffin is an author I've always liked and so whenever she has something new, it's going on my Kindle. This book took me by surprise with its depth. The story is told around an event that happens one night at a party and changes the lives of many people. The event is a photo taken of a girl unconscious at a party, after too much to drink. I think all moms worry about social media & how it affects our children. This book was enjoyable but also really makes you think about your choices and how they shape your life.

The Perfect Couple - Elin Hilderbrand
I have read. every. book. from Elin Hilderbrand. All her books are always light reads that are told from many points of view. This book revolves around a wedding that almost was. Many different love stories are intertwined and I found this book very enjoyable.

Matchmaking for Beginners - Maddie Dawson

An easy read that had an interesting story with interesting characters. This is a Kindle Unlimited book and it's always nice to find one of these that I really enjoy. A great story about what you want and what is actually right for you.

The Runaway Wife - Dee MacDonald

I was so pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. The story is about a woman who is a wife, mom, grandma and decides it's time to live her life for herself. She is such an interesting character and I love all the adventures you got to go on with her. This book put Dee MacDoland on the map for me & I'm excited to read more of her work!

Need to Know - Karen Cleveland

I love a good suspense book and this one does not disappoint. The main character works for the CIA and finds out someone she trusts is an undercover Russian spy. It is interesting to follow along with her and see what she'll do to protect this person and the impact of her mistakes. If you are a fan of the show The Americans, I think you'll enjoy this book.

Read a great book lately? I'd love your recommendations!

September 10, 2018

Romantic Printed Lace Wedding Invitation

When people want a vintage feel for their wedding day, they often also mean timeless. I think that is why lace has been so popular for wedding invitations over the last few years. 

For our Antique lace suite, we paired a modern, more casual font with this romantic lace design. The rsvp has the secondary color as the background which is one of my favorite characteristics of this suite and makes the lace design really stand out. Kalya and John chose a belly band in an accent color which looked gorgeous. The suite was printed in grey and the coral from the belly band is a fun pop of color. 

August 30, 2018

Why Vienna Should Be on Your Bucket List - Family Travel

{ photo from Rathausplatz Christmas Market)

We visited Vienna, Austria over Thanksgiving 2016 and it completely stole my heart.
Vienna is an incredible city and after visiting, I couldn't believe it wasn't on my radar before this trip.

My husband & I are BIG fans of Christmas Markets. We'd visited several in Germany and were excited to check out all of Vienna's options. Vienna's markets open earlier in the season than most so it's perfect to spend Thanksgiving week here.

On our first morning in Vienna, we headed to Stephansplatz Christmas market. This is a small market that surrounds St. Stephen's Cathedral. We came up from the metro to this view... absolutely breathtaking. I never tire of seeing European churches. 

Traveling with a young child can be challenging, but one thing I did on this trip was have 1 part of each day be completely kid friendly and all about him. 

Schönbrunn Palace is a quick metro ride away from the city center. 
There are beautiful gardens you can walk around, giant water features and you can take a tour of the palace. There is a large Christmas market held in the front of the palace also.

After you wind through the gardens, you come to Vienna's zoo.... the oldest continuously operating zoo in the world! The zoo also has a great playground on top of the hill towards the back... where you can also view the white wolves. 

This is a picture from Vienna's Natural History Museum in the evening all lit up. 
Christmas Village on Maria-Theresien Platz is one of the larger markets and it sits right in front of the museum. 

Vienna's Natural History Museum is absolutely amazing. I am not even a museum person and it blew me away.  If you have a little boy, this is 100% must do!

On the top floor of the museum is a cafe with snacks, wine, beer and coffee. The museum takes several hours to see so having the cafe for wine, I mean a break was much needed. ;)
I could have sat and stared at the ceiling for ages!

Whenever we visit a new city, I really enjoy checking out their children's museum. 
ZOOM is Vienna's children's museum and it's not like any I've been in before.
You must book your visit months in advance. They have certain play times on their calendar and we were lucky to get 1 slot during our visit. Our son had an amazing time. I highly recommend booking a slot if you'll be visiting with a child. 

After all of that play, a crepe at a Christmas Market is definitely in order. 

We found the Christmas market at Karlsplatz the most kid friendly. 
I love the bizarre European carousels where kids ride on the most random things.. or even in large bird cages! This market also had pedal bikes on tracks the kids raced on and a large hay area. The large hay area provided hours of fun and our son got to meet kiddos from all over the world as they built hay houses. 

The lights all over the city will have you feeling the Christmas spirit in no time.

Another wonderful place to visit with children is their city park.
Stadtpark is a wonderfully large park in the middle of the city.

You'll find walking paths and playgrounds. We spent a beautiful afternoon there on a mild winter day.
Even though traveling with children can have it's challenges, I love that we try things we wouldn't have before having our son.

Haus der Musik (House of Music) wasn't something I was sure we'd enjoy but we LOVED it! Obviously the musical stairs were a hit, but the whole museum was incredible. There was a room where you could be the composer with an interactive orchestra video. 

I think we visited nearly every Christmas market in the city. While the stands mostly sell the same wares, the unique atmosphere and views of each one made each worth the visit. 
Vienna is an incredibly city with a rich history and wonderful food.
It is super kid friendly. Our son was 5 years old on this visit and he fell in love with the city too.
Vienna is incredibly charming and visiting during Christmas is absolutely magical.

August 29, 2018

Custom Gold Foil Vow Books - The Wedding Keepsake You Need

You spend countless hours perfecting your vows so they will perfectly express your love on one of the most important days of your life. Our personalized vow books make the perfect keepsakes for your beautiful love story. With real foil printing and a luxuriously soft cover, our vow books make the perfect wedding keepsake. The covers can be customized in any color you'd like and the foil can be printed in gold, silver or rose gold. Our vow books are sold in sets of 2 and have 50 lined pages. A thoughtful gift for your bride bestie or a perfect gift for yourself and your fiancĂ©!

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