February 12, 2018

Boy Classroom Valentine's Day Cards

The last few years, I've had a ton of fun creating Valentine's Day Cards for my son to bring to school.

One of my favorite's is from a few years back. 
I created a plaid card with customized messages to his school mates and tied a plastic dinosaur figuring with twine to the card. These were super labor intensive. Now they sell DIY kits from Target that would probably save a few hours. 

When he was 2, I had custom pirate cookies made and attached personal pirate notes to all his buddies. 

When my son began his Star Wars obsession, I decided a lego Star Wars Valentine was the way to go.
I photoshopped his {adorable} head on the lego Star Wars dude and attached little glow sticks as light sabers. 

His current obsession is big, ugly, scary fish. Since that would make a horrible Valentine's card, I used adorable watercolor fish with word play on a school of fish. Win win.
For these, we taped tiny, individual bags of swedish fish to the back of the card. 

I love being a boy mom and finding fun ways to be creative with his of the moment obsession.
And the fact that I don't have to deal with glitter... #hooray 

February 9, 2018

Starfish Beach Wedding Invitations - Wedding Branding

Branding your beachside wedding? We've got you covered. 
We take care of alllll your paper needs so you can focus on other things, like margarita tastings. 💃

From menus and programs to escort cards and save the dates, we can always create any coordinating stationery for your wedding.

February 7, 2018

Top 10 Greece Travel Tips

Last summer, my family and I were insanely fortunate to spend a month in Europe.
Lucky us, my husband's company gives their employees a 4 week sabbatical every 5 years. 
This sabbatical was something I'd planned in my head from the moment he took the job.
When we were married 9 years prior, I had 2 dream honeymoon destinations... Greece or Italy.
9 years ago, we chose Italy. So this time, Greece was definitely on the list.

Although we went to Greece as a family (with our 5 year old son), I hope this will also help anyone planning a honeymoon in Greece. We spent 2 amazing weeks in Greece and I can honestly say it was some of the best times of our lives. It definitely lives up to the hype!

Here are some things that I hope you find helpful for your trip.

This seems somewhat obvious, right? If you visit more than 1 island, you'll likely take ferries between the islands. When that ferry pulls up to your destination, get in the line to get off immediately. They will unload & reload the boat insanely quickly & go to the next location. 
We barely made it off the boat the 1st time because my husband decided it would be a good idea to use the bathroom "real quick". Don't do that.

If you are leaving the island by plane to get to your next destination (Athens & England seem to be the most popular) book the earliest morning flight possible. These little islands don't have the infrastructure to handle the amount of flights that come/leave every day. It is quite common for things to start backing up by mid day. Also, they may not let you in the actual airport until closer to your flight departure & you'll have to wait in the very hot sun in the summer.

We absolutely adored visiting Mykonos & Santorini, however, it was Naxos that stole our heart. The smaller islands are less crowded, better priced, and it is easy to find hidden gems. 

(Saint George’s Beach on Naxos... you can walk out incredibly far before it gets deep)

In Santorini, it is possible to take a very long stairway down to the water. Do not take this path. First of all, it is super long, but more importantly, it's covered in donkey poop.  And also, don't ride those poor donkeys. :( 

One of the things people love about Greece is how chaotic and fun it is. But one of the things people don't like about it is also how chaotic it is. There is no order when getting on the bus at many of the stops. Try to position yourself in front of the door, because once it opens, people will flood on and they fill super quickly.

You know the "no smoking" signs on the bus? They don't apply to the bus drivers. 

All our lives, in the US, we've been eating greek salads with lettuce. After visiting Greece, you'll never want to eat another typical US greek salad. In Greece they are just full of the most amazing tomatoes you'll ever eat. And capers, cucumbers, incredible olives and greek cheese. And in my opinion, you should split one with your significant other at every meal. They are SO GOOD!

Everyone in Greece drinks bottled water, 100% of the time. Even the people that live there. This isn't a tourist thing. Luckily bottled water is super cheap.

I fretted and fretted about taking a young child to Greece. Mykonos is a party city I read. I panicked about my child falling off a cliff in Santorini (mother's imaginations can definitely run crazy!). And while you really do need to be careful of the cliffs in Santorini, Greeks love children, they themselves have children and they are everywhere. Of course, we didn't go to any hoppin hot spots or night clubs, but in restaurants and at hotels our child was always treated well. 
(Rooftop cafe 1739 in Naxos, perfect for drinks with a view and some chess)

As you can tell, we have a redhead child. Sunscreen is a big thing with us and we are very particular about it. We brought a TON and still ran out. We could not find the same brands we use normally. Of course, they have plenty to buy and we did buy it, but with sunscreen I would have preferred my normal brands.

To say my family loved Greece is an understatement. We made absolutely incredible memories there. The people were wonderful, the food is incredible and the views are to die for.
In my head, I am planning my next trip. Hope to see you there! :) 

February 5, 2018

Rose Gold Wedding Invitations

Rose gold has been one of the hottest colors for a while now and I don't see that changing anytime soon. It's the perfect blend of glamour and pink, which means it's fabulous.
I am head over heals for our new suite, available at Zazzle
With the romantic calligraphy script and the vintage, bohemian design, this suite is perfect for any wedding that wants a dramatic, elegant wedding invitation suite.

December 15, 2017

Creating a cohesive feel for your wedding

As the Pinterest and Instagram obsessions continue, our love for all things visual grows and so does our love for a good theme. If you are like me, every time you think of hosting any type of party at all, it's off to Pinterest and getting lost in that rabbit hole a little longer than we'd like to admit ;) 

When planning a wedding, often couples will pinpoint a design look or feel that will be the continuous element in their wedding festivities so that the entire look will be cohesive.
Paper, color and monograms are 3 of the easiest ways to achieve a branded wedding.

If you think about it, paper is there with you every step of the way....
from the initial first look your guests will have of your wedding (the save the date) to the very last element from your wedding day (the thank you cards you'll send).

We suggest deciding on an approximate look for your wedding invitation first and then design all other paper elements around that. Even the save the date should be designed or chosen after you decide on your invitation, so no opportunities are missed in creating the memorable cohesive look.

December 5, 2017

Customized Gifts for Teachers

I had so much fun creating these custom notepads for my son's kindergarten teacher. I fret over holiday gifts because I want the recipient to really feel how cared for they are. I have some other fun items for her, but these may be my fav. I have a real obsession with watercolor art and the little glue and notepads on here are just seriously so cute and fun! 
What's your go to teacher gift?

November 17, 2017

Addressing Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Addressing Wedding Invitation Envelopes Main Banner

Addressing Wedding Invitation Envelopes

When addressing your wedding invitation envelopes, there are a few key rules to follow.
The most important: Spell it out. Abbreviations should not be used on your envelopes (with the exception of Mr., Mrs., Ms.). 

envelope is addressed in a formal manner to a married couple.
The envelope above is addressed in a formal manner to a married couple.

envelope is addressed in a casual manner to a married couple.
The envelope above is addressed in a casual manner to a married couple.

Envelope addressed to doctors
When a married couple are doctors, you address the envelope with "The Doctors" followed by their last name.

When only the male is a doctor, you would address the envelope with Doctor and Mrs. James McQuire.

When only the female is a doctor, you would address the envelope with Doctor Susan and Mr. James McQuire

Envelope addressed to a couple who live together but are not married
When you are sending an invitation to a couple who live together but are not married, it is most traditional to put their names on separate lines.

When you are inviting children who are under 18 and live at home, their name should be included on a separate line. If you are inviting children who are older than 18 or who do not live at home, they should be mailed a separate invitation. 

If you are inviting a family with several children, it is perfectly fine to address as Mr. and Mrs. William Petrnol and family.

People often wonder how to address a divorced female on the wedding invitation envelope. 
In this situation, use Mrs. or Ms. with her maiden name if she is no longer using her ex husband's last name.

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