December 15, 2017

Creating a cohesive feel for your wedding

As the Pinterest and Instagram obsessions continue, our love for all things visual grows and so does our love for a good theme. If you are like me, every time you think of hosting any type of party at all, it's off to Pinterest and getting lost in that rabbit hole a little longer than we'd like to admit ;) 

When planning a wedding, often couples will pinpoint a design look or feel that will be the continuous element in their wedding festivities so that the entire look will be cohesive.
Paper, color and monograms are 3 of the easiest ways to achieve a branded wedding.

If you think about it, paper is there with you every step of the way....
from the initial first look your guests will have of your wedding (the save the date) to the very last element from your wedding day (the thank you cards you'll send).

We suggest deciding on an approximate look for your wedding invitation first and then design all other paper elements around that. Even the save the date should be designed or chosen after you decide on your invitation, so no opportunities are missed in creating the memorable cohesive look.

December 5, 2017

Customized Gifts for Teachers

I had so much fun creating these custom notepads for my son's kindergarten teacher. I fret over holiday gifts because I want the recipient to really feel how cared for they are. I have some other fun items for her, but these may be my fav. I have a real obsession with watercolor art and the little glue and notepads on here are just seriously so cute and fun! 
What's your go to teacher gift?

November 17, 2017

Addressing Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Addressing Wedding Invitation Envelopes Main Banner

Addressing Wedding Invitation Envelopes

When addressing your wedding invitation envelopes, there are a few key rules to follow.
The most important: Spell it out. Abbreviations should not be used on your envelopes (with the exception of Mr., Mrs., Ms.). 

envelope is addressed in a formal manner to a married couple.
The envelope above is addressed in a formal manner to a married couple.

envelope is addressed in a casual manner to a married couple.
The envelope above is addressed in a casual manner to a married couple.

Envelope addressed to doctors
When a married couple are doctors, you address the envelope with "The Doctors" followed by their last name.

When only the male is a doctor, you would address the envelope with Doctor and Mrs. James McQuire.

When only the female is a doctor, you would address the envelope with Doctor Susan and Mr. James McQuire

Envelope addressed to a couple who live together but are not married
When you are sending an invitation to a couple who live together but are not married, it is most traditional to put their names on separate lines.

When you are inviting children who are under 18 and live at home, their name should be included on a separate line. If you are inviting children who are older than 18 or who do not live at home, they should be mailed a separate invitation. 

If you are inviting a family with several children, it is perfectly fine to address as Mr. and Mrs. William Petrnol and family.

People often wonder how to address a divorced female on the wedding invitation envelope. 
In this situation, use Mrs. or Ms. with her maiden name if she is no longer using her ex husband's last name.

November 8, 2017

Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette - 5 Common Mistakes

Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette - 5 Common Mistakes

Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette - 5 common mistakes


Wedding invitation wording is one item most people have questions about.
And you know what... you should! How many times in the past have you gotten married?
I love helping our clients with questions. 
Sometimes it's easier to talk about some of the most common mistakes, so here goes...

1. Punctuation
On wedding invitations, the line break itself serves as punctuation.
Therefore, there are no commas, period, or even semicolon as would be used on other types of writing/invitations. For the most part, the only periods on an invitation are after "Mr." and "Mrs.". 
You would add a comma before "junior" but not before "III". 
A comma is used between the day of the week and the month (Saturday, the eighth of March).

2. Capitalization
The first word of a sentence should be capitalized. 
You should not capitalize every word in the sentence - only the first word of a sentence.
The day of the week and month are capitalized, the year is not.
Proper nouns are capitalized (Austin, Texas).

3. Host line with divorced parents
When divorced parents are hosting and their names are listed on your invitation, etiquette says each name should be on its own line with no "and" in between the names.
Mr. Jane Morgan
Mr. Peter Morgan
request the honor of your presence...

4. Request line
There are tons of options when choosing the wording for your request line.
If you are using the most traditional wording, keep in mind the wording for a house of worship is different than wording for a ceremony held elsewhere.
When getting married in a house of worship, it is most traditional to use:
"request the honor of your presence".
If the ceremony is not in a house of worship, it is most traditional to use:
"request the pleasure of your company".

5. Marriage vs Wedding
When a couple hosts, the invitation wording should be to the "wedding" and not the "marriage".
When parents host, it is fine to use either "wedding" or "marriage".

I hope this helps take some of the stress of wedding planning away.
Of course if you have any additional questions, let me know :)

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October 31, 2017

Thermography Printing vs Flat Printing - 5 Key Differences

Thermography Printing vs Flat Printing - 5 Key Differences


In the world of wedding invitations, there are approximately 8 billion choices. ;)
Designs, print colors, fonts, paper, envelopes, liners and on and on.
One of the many important choices is print method. The 2 we specialize in are thermography printing and flat printing. They are quite different and each have their own pluses and minuses.

Which is right for you? 

Thermography Printing

1. Print is Raised
When holding a thermography invitation, you can see and feel that the printing is raised. One question people often ask is if the entire design is raised or just the wording. When printed thermography, the entire design is raised.

2. Print is Shiny
The printed colors have a shiny, reflective appearance. The colors truly feel like they pop.

3. Option to Print Metallic Colors
I love the option for metallic print colors and our metallic gold is by far a favorite.

4. Best to Stick with 1 or 2 Colors
With thermography printing, a printing plate is used for each color printed. The more printing plates that are required, the more expensive the printing is. The wonderful thing about thermography is that it looks great with 1 color printing because of its unique appearance, so don't let this factor dissuade you from thermography printing.

5. More Expensive
Notice I don't say expensive :) Especially when you choose to work with us. If you are printing small quantities, thermography can be very expensive. However, because most of the cost with thermography is in the set up of the plates and ink, high quantities (like the ones often needed for wedding invitations) make this print option very affordable. 

Flat Printing

1. Print is Flat
With flat printing, the design and wording prints flat.

2. Print is Matte
The printed colors are matte, making this an excellent when printing pale colors and wanting a very soft feel.

3. Can Not Print Metallic Colors
As metallic colors have become quite popular, this is one of the only downsides to flat printing. 
However, one fun way around this is to print on metallic paper. When you print on metallic paper, it gives the printing itself a metallic, irredescent feel and I absolutely love this option.

4. Best for Colorful Designs
Are you printing a floral design? If so, flat printing is the way to go. It handles the multitude of colors perfectly, with no restrictions or price increases.

5. Inexpensive (& quick turnaround!)
The price point for flat printing is hard to beat. Another major bonus is a very quick print turn around. Once you approve your proofs for printing, they'll ship to you in just a few days!

If you still aren't sure about which print method is right for you, I always recommend ordering a sample. There is no substitution for seeing the options in person. 

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October 18, 2017

Real Wedding - Gerrie and Zack's Seattle Wedding

I am so excited to share Gerrie and Zack's gorgeous wedding day with you all today!
Gerrie and I worked together earlier this year on wedding invitations for their July wedding in Seattle. I absolutely loved working with this sweet couple and it was so fun to get a peek into their big day.

Gerrie and Zack's reception took place at Dunn Gardens, such a magical setting!
I am entranced by all the beautiful greenery in the photos and how perfectly the white and soft pink pair with the natural surroundings. The little pops of soft pink are so lovely!

It was an honor to be a part of your big day, thank you for choosing Blush Paperie!
And for sharing your beautiful wedding day :)

Gorgeous photography by Barbie Hull Photography.

September 25, 2017

Real Wedding: Britton and Marion's Greenville, South Carolina Wedding

This spring I had the pleasure of working with Britton and Marion on their wedding invitations for their July wedding in Greenville, South Carolina. They chose our Charleston suite with metallic gold thermography and paired it with a beautiful blush rsvp envelope and floral liner. 
I love how the soft colors of the liners complemented Britton's bridesmaid gowns and gorgeous bouquets! That pale pink is just so lovely!
And what could be more romantic than this send off photo! 
Thank you so much to Britton and Francis for sharing your big day with us and choosing Blush Paperie for your wedding invitations! It was such a pleasure working with you!

 Gorgeous photography by Christa Rene Photography

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