September 6, 2008


Did anyone else see the show Dogtown on National Geographic last night? If so, you are probably still mesmerized like me. Dogtown is about Best Friends Animal Society. The Best Friends Animal Society runs Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, a huge no kill rescue facility located in Utah. They are the largest no kill shelter in the US and do amazing work on behalf of animals! They took on the challenge of rehabilitating Michael Vick's pit bulls. I am absolutely floored at how quickly dogs trust humans again. It is so shocking. If you haven't seen the show, try to catch a rerun. It will warm your heart and amaze you.

I knew when I started Blush Paperie that I wanted to give back somehow. And being a huge animal lover I've decided that 5% of Blush Paperie's 2008 revenue will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society. What they are doing is amazing. I rescued my dog (literally right off of the street). My dog was 20 pounds underweight, not fixed, had heart worm, and an aggression towards other dogs (still has the last part, it is so hard to cure this). I know if she'd gone to a normal shelter, she would have been killed because of the combination of these things. I am so lucky that I found her on the street that day, as she is an incredible addition to our family. These rescue organizations that help animals that no one has taken care of are incredible. And although my donation may not be huge, I am proud to affiliate Blush Paperie with such an incredible organization.