January 31, 2012

Chair Reupholstery Madness - Help! :)

When Lilly Pulitzer first came out with their home decor line, I fell in LOVE with this chair...

Well, fast forward to about 4 weeks ago. I found a chair with the EXACT same bones and wood color on craigslist. I didn't even see it in person, I emailed right away to make sure it was still available and asked my upholstered to scoot down to Kissimmee and pick it up asap.

Now, I've been stuck in a sea of indecisiveness... and I need help!
As you can see, I've gotten a tad out of control on fabric swatches...

First, I thought I'd go with the navy graphic fabric and hot pink piping...
But then I felt like, eh, it's too bold for the room it's going in (it's like a Florida room, one wall is french doors and there is a white couch. And I feel like I'd tire of it quickly.

So, then I saw this Lilly chair and thought, well, I like the large floral print, maybe I'll break from the navy/hot pink.

So, I was at my local fabric shop, and fell in love with this print below. The blues, grays, mustards... LOVED it. BUT... it's linen :( Not right for reupholstering a chair.

Should I chicken out and just cover the chair in the solid gray/blue and then do pillows in the fabric I love?

I also found this fabric online that I liked a lot. But the sample they sent me was awful and tiny and showed the mustard coloring only!

Here are some more that I liked...
Any opinions? Any fabrics out there you love? I'm sure my upholsterer would love to get this chair out of his workshop... I just need to get to it!


Paper + Ink Designs said...

picture of the room? and I'll be glad to solicit my opinion... :)

Blush Paperie said...

I would LOVE your opinion... but the room is unphotographable. Pretty much is just a small room right off kitchen with a white casual couch. Totally blank slate. Walls are light khaki rental color. Pretty blah. Since it's just a rental and we probably won't be here another year, am not bothering with window treatments for the french doors.

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