August 17, 2012

DIY Burlap Monogram Wreath & my steal

I really enjoy trying DIY projects. With the busy wedding season and a baby, I've had very little time this year to try any of the fun things I see posted all over pinterest. So, when I saw this easy burlap wreath project on my pb& j blog, I thought... I can try this... right? :)  So her version has some super cute spring accessories, but since we are kind of in between seasons, I just decided you can never go wrong with a monogram.

If you try this project, the one lesson I learned was to bunch the burlap up tight (ie, use a lot of it on each section before moving to the next section)

I'm really happy with how it turned out and will be looking for fun fall items to stick on it in a couple months. How great is the update/reusability factor!

In other home news... my big plans for our main floor powder room include new lighting and wallpaper. It has a pedestal sink and I've already changed the builder basic mirror out for this one:

And then crazy amazing... I am in Goodwill (I LOVE wandering around goodwill) and there are 2 rolls of these beauties just laying there...

This (above) is THIS WALLPAPER!
And the TWO rolls together were.... five dollars.
I felt the need to speed away with my goodies from Goodwill as quickly as possible.
I took the photo above to try to show you the metallic detailing, it is gorgeous in person. Maybe if you click on the photo and see it larger you'll see what I mean.

Now will come the task of having someone hang it. I'll get around to that in what... another couple of months ;)