August 14, 2012

Summer Vacation

Last week, our family enjoyed a great summer vacation. With a little one, vacation planning is a little tougher. My requirements were a direct flight less than 3 hours away, a cooler temperature than Austin and somewhere we'd (mostly) never been

Here are some clues....

Incredible cliffs and ocean views

ocean caves

These smelly guys EVERYWHERE

If you guessed La Jolla, Ca - good job!  We had so much fun doing this....

morning walks that had us oohing at the incredible flowers and homes

too much eating for sure ;)

 hiking to hopefully combat some of the eating

lots of playing in the park
Asher even met a little girlfriend his age and it was crazy cute to watch them play!

and getting to see one of my favorite Orlando friends who now lives in LA.

It definitely turned out to be a great family vacation ... visiting the San Diego zoo, hiking at Torrey Pines State Reserve and visiting Coronado Beach.

 I know so many of my brides from the last year or two have recently had little ones and I'd love to know any fun family vacations you would recommend?? :)