February 8, 2013

My personal golden ticket

My husband & I chose to live in the "burbs" because his office is only 10 minutes from our house and it's an amazing "planned" community. We can walk to our pool (and there are 4 others we have access to within a few minutes drive) and our neighbors are all family oriented which we LOVE.

But the unexpected bonus of our local YMCA is total amazing-ness! They host kids night out (which is really totally parents night out) on the weekends. For $15 they will watch, play with AND feed your child... for FIVE hours! You sign up for them monthly and they give you your golden ticket for entrance on your night out.
The play areas are divided by age and they also let your kids play there (and watch them) while you work out. So, your kids really get used to the team there which is awesome.

Anyway... we usually use these golden tickets to go see movies at our local Alamo Draft House. On our next one I think we'll head into downtown to try a new restaurant (Austin's food scene is a little too awesome). Any recommendations?

What's your date night go to?