April 24, 2013

She said YES!

Big, BIG news! My brother in law popped the question to his girlfriend today and she said YES! 
I have been waiting for my brother in law to settle down since I met my husband, nearly 9 years ago!
I can't even tell you how excited I am! My husband and his brother are bffs. And they are always quoting movies. Ah-Noying! I was not a big movie watcher growing up and never know what they are talking about. And now I've got a buddy. Woo hoo!

So.... will it be a beach wedding? This seems the most likely since they are from Florida...

 My top choice, a winery! A wine cave would be killer! And you don't need any decor really, it's just so gorgeous. And with wine everywhere :) Did I mention the wine ;)

Or maybe one of the most stunning venues ever...
Pippin Hill Farm in Charlottesville, VA. 
I am from Northern VA and my husband and I had some vacation time in Charlottesville early in our relationship. We fell in love with all their wineries and the incredible views.
This place is perfection!

Well, either way. I am just super excited to have a buddy in crime.
Welcome to the family Amanda :)