June 7, 2013

Florence Broadhurst Peacock Feathers Wallpaper Finally Hung!

I'm sure no one remembers this post from way back in August about this amazing wallpaper I found at Goodwill. So, quick recap...
Local Goodwill... 2 rolls of brand new, sealed, really beautiful wallpaper. Kind of striking pretty. They are only $5 for 2 rolls, so I get them and decide to figure out later what to do with them.
Turns out, they are Florence Broadhurst brand, and at over $300 a roll, I wasn't going to be able to purchase additional rolls and have my whole powder room done.

So finally, I found the PERFECT spot. The hallway that leads to the garage, off of the kitchen & dining room area.

These pictures can't possibly do it justice. It is so glamorous with it's little bit of shimmer.

Glamorous for now anyway. Soon enough, the coat rack with all of our bags will be rehung over the bench and our shoes will be spilling out from beneath the bench.
In my opinion, the perfect combo - real life with a toddler + a little bit of chic ;)