August 2, 2013

the wallpaper obsession continues...

I would imagine most graphic designers also have somewhat of an obsession with interior design... and I am no exception. While there is zero part of me ready to move Asher out of his crib (zero... boy is all boy and 100% crazy), that doesn't stop me from planning his big boy room.

little boy wallpapers I'm completely obsessed with...

close up of above

if this doesn't go in his room it will have to go in his bathroom. totally, 1000% obsessed with this. fox walking the dog! Yes! little bears with suit cases! I die!

love me some classic plaid! just realized how perfectly this matches the wallpaper above.... hmmm 
gets me thinking. What if above wallpaper with bedding somewhat like this??

Thoughts? Anything amazing you think should be thrown in the mix?
It will need to stay with him for about 5 years, so I'm hoping my choices are too babyish.

Happy Friday!!