October 2, 2013

The easiest, most delish pot pie!

My mom brought Mat & I the most delicious chicken pot pie when we came home from the hospital with Asher (thanks Mom!!). And I have since made it for every friend that just had a baby.

Looking at this recipe, you may not believe me. 
But try it... it will be your go to bring to pregnant/sick/in need friend!

Heat oven to 375

Mix in large bowl:
*1 can veg all, drained
*2 cans cream of potato soup
*1 cup of shredded/diced chicken (you can leave out all together for non meat eaters)
- 1 cup whole milk (sometimes I add a little less)

Mix well, spoon into pie crust. Place 2nd pie crust on top. Crimp edges. Cut slits in top pie crust so it won't explode ;)

Cook 40 minutes.
The longer you let is set the better. I like to let it set for an hour.

Give to your friend and make them oh so super happy.
Make one for yourself and make your family and your tummy oh so super happy.

Happy Wednesday!! :)