November 22, 2013

Friday Five: Holiday Gifts for your Toddler

1. The Learning Tower - I had never heard of this until I saw it at a friend's house. It is the BEST. Asher can be counter height in a very safe manner. He can climb in and out himself. He feels so independent. And the great thing is we'll be using it for years.

2. Ybike Balance Bike- Asher & all his little friends love this thing! They zip up and down the sidewalks so fast I have to jog to keep up! These are great for understanding balance and preparing him for a real bike. 

3. Personalized Pirate Storybook - If your toddler is anything like, mine, you know they love everything to be "theirs". Letters from child’s name are revealed by sea animals beginning with the same letter; your child’s name is revealed as the secret to opening the treasure.

4. Toddler Shark Slippers - Keep their feet warm. Have non slip grids. And hello, they are sharks!

5. Ships See Saw Swings - I could see Asher having fun in this for years to come. Big enough for 2 or great for him to just curl up and read. A pirate story would sound great rockin in here ;)

What's on your list for your toddler??