February 6, 2014

Blurb Book Review - Family Photos

If you have a toddler, you know that they LOVE looking at photos of themselves! So why not create a photo book? :)
I decided to do something with the obscene amount of photos we've taken since Asher was born.

I also wanted to share our blurb book with you because these are perfect to create your own wedding album or to give as gifts. We chose blurb books based on their stellar reviews and are super pleased!

Here's a look at our blurb book...
This is our cover. We chose the 12x12 book with the hard cover, image wrap (no dust jacket).
Kind of insane, but we took 2 Disney cruises and a trip to Disney World last year, so I thought it would be great to do a book themed on those vacations. 
Asher's face is funny here. I think he wanted to get back to his mickey waffles. ha!

I absolutely love the quality of the full page, full bleed photos. Sharp, crisp. Love them!

There are tons of layout options to choose from.

You can chose to have this tiny blurb logo removed, but it's only on the very last page, which is blank with no photos anyway. I say save the money and leave it on.

And you get to choose a photo for your back cover. I LOVE this one!

My only cautionary tale....
 Even if you are a designer, I recommend using blurb smart book creator. I created a book for Asher's birth through our move to Texas using the indesign plug in for blurb. Designing it was no problem. But I could not get the book to upload and blurb's customer service was zero help. I ended up printing through another company but I wasted about 15 hours of my life trying to get that thing to upload. :(

But this book, the one I created in about 2 hours with blurb smart book creator, I LOVE! Asher absolutely loves looking at it too. The photos are so crisp. The paper is nice & thick (I upgraded to the Premium Paper, Lustre finish.)

It was shipped so quickly. I would recommend blurb books to anyone!
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