February 2, 2017

Paper Choices

Paper, paper, paper....
such a critically important component of your invitations.

Here at Blush Paperie, we offer 2 types of printing methods... 
Digital - flat print
Thermography - raised print

With these 2 different print methods come 2 different paper options.
We've chosen paper options to make each print method shine.

First we'll talk about the digital/flat print options...
 As you can see from the image, the felt paper has almost a cotton type look to it. 
The textured white is a much smoother option. 
And the metallic pearl will give you a shimmer if you prefer.

 Next up, our thermography/raised print paper options...
The linen finish shown above has a slight woven look to it. 
It is a subtle finish and is quite popular with our thermography printing.
Looking for something more modern? The smooth white is a beautiful choice.

And the next obvious question.... what does # mean? 
# means pound and it refers to the thickness of the paper.
The higher the # number, the thicker the paper.
As you can see in the image below, the 165# weighted paper is substantially thicker than the 80# paper:

Looking for something completely different?
We also have the option to special order paper. Don't ever hesitate to ask!

And above all else... I always recommend ordering a sample package.
Our thermography sample packages will show each thermography paper option
and our digital/flat sample packages will show each digital paper option.
Being able to see the finish & color in person and feeling the weight will help you decide what is right for your wedding invitations.