October 31, 2017

Thermography Printing vs Flat Printing - 5 Key Differences

Thermography Printing vs Flat Printing - 5 Key Differences


In the world of wedding invitations, there are approximately 8 billion choices. ;)
Designs, print colors, fonts, paper, envelopes, liners and on and on.
One of the many important choices is print method. The 2 we specialize in are thermography printing and flat printing. They are quite different and each have their own pluses and minuses.

Which is right for you? 

Thermography Printing

1. Print is Raised
When holding a thermography invitation, you can see and feel that the printing is raised. One question people often ask is if the entire design is raised or just the wording. When printed thermography, the entire design is raised.

2. Print is Shiny
The printed colors have a shiny, reflective appearance. The colors truly feel like they pop.

3. Option to Print Metallic Colors
I love the option for metallic print colors and our metallic gold is by far a favorite.

4. Best to Stick with 1 or 2 Colors
With thermography printing, a printing plate is used for each color printed. The more printing plates that are required, the more expensive the printing is. The wonderful thing about thermography is that it looks great with 1 color printing because of its unique appearance, so don't let this factor dissuade you from thermography printing.

5. More Expensive
Notice I don't say expensive :) Especially when you choose to work with us. If you are printing small quantities, thermography can be very expensive. However, because most of the cost with thermography is in the set up of the plates and ink, high quantities (like the ones often needed for wedding invitations) make this print option very affordable. 

Flat Printing

1. Print is Flat
With flat printing, the design and wording prints flat.

2. Print is Matte
The printed colors are matte, making this an excellent when printing pale colors and wanting a very soft feel.

3. Can Not Print Metallic Colors
As metallic colors have become quite popular, this is one of the only downsides to flat printing. 
However, one fun way around this is to print on metallic paper. When you print on metallic paper, it gives the printing itself a metallic, irredescent feel and I absolutely love this option.

4. Best for Colorful Designs
Are you printing a floral design? If so, flat printing is the way to go. It handles the multitude of colors perfectly, with no restrictions or price increases.

5. Inexpensive (& quick turnaround!)
The price point for flat printing is hard to beat. Another major bonus is a very quick print turn around. Once you approve your proofs for printing, they'll ship to you in just a few days!

If you still aren't sure about which print method is right for you, I always recommend ordering a sample. There is no substitution for seeing the options in person. 

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