December 15, 2017

Creating a cohesive feel for your wedding

As the Pinterest and Instagram obsessions continue, our love for all things visual grows and so does our love for a good theme. If you are like me, every time you think of hosting any type of party at all, it's off to Pinterest and getting lost in that rabbit hole a little longer than we'd like to admit ;) 

When planning a wedding, often couples will pinpoint a design look or feel that will be the continuous element in their wedding festivities so that the entire look will be cohesive.
Paper, color and monograms are 3 of the easiest ways to achieve a branded wedding.

If you think about it, paper is there with you every step of the way....
from the initial first look your guests will have of your wedding (the save the date) to the very last element from your wedding day (the thank you cards you'll send).

We suggest deciding on an approximate look for your wedding invitation first and then design all other paper elements around that. Even the save the date should be designed or chosen after you decide on your invitation, so no opportunities are missed in creating the memorable cohesive look.

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