October 29, 2018

Postage for your wedding invitations

One question I receive often is "how much postage will I need for my wedding invitations?".
The answer varies for each client, but I thought it would be helpful to go over some of the main variables when talking invitation postage.

The best option is always to take your assembled suite to the post office and have that weighed before you buy postage. However, sometimes your timeline won't allow for this. I have a USPS postage scale in my office, so when clients ask, I will weigh a suite that will be similar to theirs and give them an answer prior to their suite being printed so that postage can be purchased ahead of time.
Most wedding invitations will fall between the 1 oz (standard) or 2 oz stamp range. If your assembled package is right on the verge, I recommend getting the 2 oz stamp so there are no issues. And of course, don't forget to purchase stamps for your RSVP envelopes (which should be 1 oz).

Many times clients are interested in custom stamps which is a lovely option. Just remember with these, they will take slightly longer to receive then the USPS standard options. USPS online has many more options than most post offices carry. So be sure to check out those options too, as they ship pretty quickly.

One thing that is very important to know is that if you have a thick envelope, oversized envelope, or square envelope, these all require additional postage.  All of our suites come with standard size invitation envelopes. 

Once your invitation suite is ready for postage, it's time to celebrate! One more item marked off your to do list and one step closer to your big day :)