May 1, 2019

Fun and Unique Wedding Food Stations

 I am a huge fan of interactive food stations. My husband would probably say it's because I'm obsessed with sauces (in general) and food stations allow me to basically drink the sauce use as much as I'd like. I also feel like a food station gives your guests a natural opportunity to meet one another as they wander to the different stations throughout the night. 

The soft pretzel station is basically genius. Everyone loves pretzels. The dips give you the option to create sweet or savory (or both!). And who doesn't love that!

If I could eat french fries at every meal I would. And there is nothing like some mayonnaise based dip to makes fries the perfect food and take your spud to the next level.
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Custom ice cream cookie sandwiches are perfect for any size event or party. I've actually served these at get togethers and they are a huge hit! Heat up a batch of chocolate chip cookies (let them cool) and then set out a few flavors of ice cream. Let your guests choose their perfect combo. A bowl of sprinkles or chocolate chips for sandwich rolling is also a nice touch.
photo via wolf gang puck

Crostini station... basically a giant charcuterie board. Meat and cheese plates are always a favorite. I love this idea expanded for a larger event.

Who doesn't love crepes?!  With so many variations, this is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Bring on the Nutella!

What are some of your favorite food stations for weddings or just for fun get togethers? 

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