November 7, 2019

Tiles in Portugal

My family and I recently visited Portugal over fall break. This was our first time visiting this country and it did not disappoint. Such a charming country with the kindest people!

When I was researching this vacation, I constantly saw photos online of the tiled buildings, churches and train stations all over Pinterest! The painted tiles are called azulejos. Some buildings simply have patterns or repeats while others tell an entire story. 

This amazing tile is in Porto's Sao Bento train station. 

We did a tour of the FC Porto Stadium (Porto's amazing football, aka soccer, team). These tiles in the stadium hallway depict them winning.

You basically need to have your camera at the ready at all times because there is something (or more gorgeous tile) around every corner! The unique and beautiful tiles made wandering the streets such a treat! Have you been? What were your favorite parts?

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