May 8, 2013

Hot Pink & Gray Wedding Invitations

Shira & Andrew were married over the weekend at Allegria Hotel in Long Beach, NY.

I have to tell you about Shira because she is the best and I count myself lucky to have gotten to work with her on her & Andrew's invitations.

During her wedding planning, Hurricane Sandy left Shira in temporary housing, her sister without a home, and her wedding venue damaged. And the girl n.e.v.e.r broke a sweat! Sweet as could be. Being a bride comes with enough stresses of its own, but all of this on top of it. I mean, not knowing if your venue would be open in time... sheesh! 

Thank goodness their venue did reopen and I can't wait to see pictures from their big day.
But for now, here are the awesome wedding invitations they chose...

Hot pink & gray wedding invitations in the feather design, printed thermography on our white linen.