February 10, 2015

Real Wedding: Elise & John

Another ah-mazing real wedding for you today...

Bride & Groom: Elise & John
Ceremony: United Methodist Church of Westchester
Reception: Stonewall

Elise & John chose our Monogram wedding invitation design printed in gold & black thermography. 

Stunning florals by Belovely Floral and Event Design

This photo, with a groomsman on the far right in the wrong suit trying to hide, are some of Elise's favorites. I'm sure this poor guy was sweating thinking the bride would throw a fit, but she actually thought it was hilarious and made a funny memory.

The ceremony was officiated by Elise's grandmother's friend Pastor Nancy Ross, and she was assisted by her husband Pastor Jack Ross.  Jack held up a brand new $20 bill and asked who wanted it - almost everyone raised their hands.  He then proceeded to ball it up, stomp on it, crush it and then asked again, who wanted it...some  (including Elise and John) tentatively raised their hands.  Jack explained that the $20 was like a marriage - on the wedding day it was crisp and new and perfect, but over time things can get rough, and the important thing to remember is that it still has the same value it did when it gets a little bit torn and battered as when it was new.  He then gave the $20 to John.  

As Nancy continued the ceremony, to Elise's surprise, John promptly handed the $20 right over to her.  Everyone laughed, and the photographer caught photos of Elise cracking up hysterically.

John and Elise dated for 8 years before getting married, so they're both super close with their (now) in-laws.  Elise's parents have been married for 41 years, and John's parents have been married for 33 years - they're both great models of what loving marriages should be.

Elise took a chalk art class that Belovely gave and did all of the chalk work herself for the wedding day. She credits Lauren from Belovely for the technique & inspiration.

Elise also created the golf tee escort cards, the burlap table number candles, the tags for the cookie favors (cookies and cake by Bella's Desserts),  and painted pumpkins.

The band that created an epic dance party -  All About Me

This is one of John's favorite photos - he has been a golfer all his life, and Elise & John always knew they'd get married at Stonewall.  The fact that this is one of his favorite pictures says a lot about him in a deeper level than just that he loves golf and loves Elise - the cow emblem represents Stonewall, and Stonewall means family to him.  His grandfather founded Stonewall and was one of the most influential people in his life.

Congrats congrats to Elise and John!!
It was such a pleasure working with you both on your wedding invitations.
And absolutely wonderful to see your big day and share it on the blog!