December 4, 2020

Builder Grade Kitchen Mini Renovation

How we upgraded our builder kitchen

Over the last 9ish months we have been non stop updating our house. Once covid struck and we were home all.the.time I wanted to update every little thing. And to be fair, it was a very nice home to begin with. We moved in 2.5 years ago and it was a pretty new build, so it didn't need anything immediately done. But once I was here all the time, I became a little fixated decided to spiff it up a bit. 

Painting dark wood kitchen
This is the before photo from the house sale.
The most pressing issue is that these pendant lights were not my style.
Another thing that bothered me what there was no backsplash tile. I found it so odd that homes here in Colorado don't come with backsplash tile. How bizarre!

Painting dark kitchen cabinets
One BIG thing that bothered me was that the cabinets didn't wrap around the window. However, to make the cabinets wrap, I'd need to replace the most left cabinet with a corner cabinet. Which was a huge chunk of the cabinetry. So if I was going to do that... I was going to replace all the cabinets, with taller (42") cabinets and better molding....

builder grade kitchen update
To me, it feels like a completely different kitchen. It is light, bright and has so much more storage!
Between the extra 6" of height and the new cabinets, we have so much extra room.

mini kitchen renovation
My husband replaced the faucet and we had a new dishwasher installed.
We were on the fence about which dishwasher to get and we thoroughly love our new Bosch with the top 3rd rack. We use that rack all the time!

See my little holiday rosemary bush? I love adding these to the kitchen around holidays but this year I've had a blacker thumb than normal :( oops!

gold kitchen handle pulls subtle
For the handles I went with a very light gold, short handle. It's a small kitchen and I didn't want long handles being the focus of attention. 
And I absolutely love the soft gold. It's not yellowy, it's just the right shade. 

baskets on wall in kitchen

Here's a breakdown of the updates we've made to our builder grade kitchen:

- removed all upper cabinets and had replaced with new, taller ones that flanked the window and larger crown molding
- cabinets painted white by a local small business
- new taller faucet
- new dishwasher 

I am soooo so happy with it!
Replacing the top row of cabinets was by far our largest expense, but it really was worth it.
I also struggled with painting brand new cabinets, but I just didn't love the dark!
I think it's mentally hard to make large changes to a builder grade kitchen because it's already so new and updated. In our last house I lived with our builder grade kitchen for 6 years and never made a change. I am so glad I took the risk and did this. I am thrilled with our new bright white kitchen :)